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We are transforming wealth management through our cutting-edge data management and consolidated reporting technology, empowering investors with the tools they need to take control of their wealth.

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We have over 10 years of expertise in servicing asset managers and institutional investors

Our mission is to empower investors with the tools needed to take control of their entire wealth.



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Our history

2012 — Forward

We originate from the wealth management world

2012 — 2019

A decade in the market
JAM Advisors was founded in 2012 as a wealth management and consolidated reporting company and JAY was an integral part of that business.

2019 – Acquired by CapMan
In early 2019, Nordic private equity pioneer CapMan buys a majority shareholding in JAM Advisors and starts the separation process.

Developing the first version of the product
Development of consolidated reports, analysis tools, and system architecture to serve the JAM customers.

2019 — 2022

Becoming independent
Beginning of 2021, wealth management was spun off from the reporting business, allowing JAY Solutions to focus on top-tier reporting solutions.

Rapid Product Development
J-RAY Platform modified to be usable by private bankers to view end client accounts, Private equity reporting, ESG reporting, investment planning etc.

Winning banking customers and establishment in Sweden
First client from Sweden, using J-RAY platform by its private bankers and end customers. First Finnish bank & asset manager as a customer. New Family office as a customer.

Now & the future

New main shareholder
February 2023 -New main shareholder in Bas Invest a Swedish based investor with background in developing software companies such at Momentum Software (sold to Advent/Aareon for 170 MEUR) and Opter.

Additonal resources for product development and data management
Management and Bas Invest are now owners of JAY and the ambition is to cement JAY as the clear leader in the Nordic market.

Establishment in Sweden
We are currently recruiting new resources to service the Swedish market.

How we do it

Our Process

A 360° overview of your entire wealth in 3-steps


The client's wealth is often distributed across various asset types, making it challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding and analysis of their financial standing. Our product offers a complete consolidation of liquid, illiquid, and alternative assets, providing the business or person with a holistic 360° view of their entire wealth.


Our platform integrates third-party data sources like Bloomberg, Morningstar, Sustainalytics, and MSCI to provide clients with enhanced analytical capabilities. Our AI and machine learning technologies automate investment updates, saving time and improving accuracy. This also saves on costs and offers clients a comprehensive 360° view of their financial standing.


The platform provides a centralized repository for the client's wealth data, accessible anytime and from anywhere. J-Ray offers intuitive visualization, while customizable reports enable the client to present the specific information relevant to their principals. With this product, the client can rely on a single source of truth for their consolidated reporting and analyses needs.

Case studies

How we can help you

The J-Ray platform
Diverse and optimised for your needs

Innovative and user friendly

Aggregated, managed and consolidated data available on custom dashboards and reports, wherever and whenever you need it.

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Transparency of Investment

We provide our customers with an objective, reliable and up-to-date view of their entire wealth, regardless of asset location and type.

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People you can trust with your finance

Get personal service and support from our multi-disciplinary team of industry experts. Book a demo and learn how you can optimize your wealth management.

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Target Solutions

Solutions For Your Needs

Making the complex simple. Created by asset managers for asset managers.

Asset Managers

Our platform offers a way for Asset Managers to differentiate themselves from their peers through state-of-the-art digital services, driving new business and increasing customer loyalty.

Improve customer experience

Empower advisors with total portfolio control

Save time and reduce cost

Benefit from professional data management

Family Offices

Our all-in-one solution empowers Family Office professionals to prioritize asset management while delivering customized, cutting-edge reports and online services to their principals.

Improve customer experience

Visualize complex structures in a simple, yet accurate way

Empower advisors with total portfolio control

Reduce costs

HNW Individuals

Our comprehensive solution enables Private Investors to effortlessly maintain control over their total wealth and monitor the performance of their investments and partners.

All assets in one place

Gain a holistic view of your entire wealth

Empower yourself and improve time-to-action

Institutional Investors

Our all-in-one solution empowers Institutional Investors to prioritize portfolio management and supervision while delivering customized, cutting-edge reports and online services to all stakeholders.

Simplify data aggregation

Benefit from ready-made reports

Gain a holistic view of the portfolio

Improve data accuracy

Fund Companies & GPs

Our platform enables Fund Companies and GPs to differentiate themselves from their peers through state-of-the-art digital services, driving new business and increasing customer loyalty.

Improve customer experience

Focus on core business

Reduce cost


Our Products

We offer a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates data management, reporting, and analysis to deliver actionable insights and to support informed financial decision making.


J-Ray provides a consolidated view of all your assets, including positions, returns, allocations, and private assets. Use drill-down analytics and reports to gain actionable insights into your wealth.

Bringing portfolio control to the next level

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J-Ray Enterprise is a reporting and analytics tool for wealth and asset managers. Users get a consolidated view of total wealth, improving the financial planning of intricate client structures.

A consolidated view of total wealth, improving financial planning of intricate client structures.

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Jay Planner simplifies portfolio creation and changes for investment professionals. The tool generates a comprehensive investment plan with performance, allocation, risk, and ESG metrics.

Simplifies portfolio creation and changes for investment professionals.

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Jay Reports is a report engine creating customized reports contributing to excellent customer experience and a comprehensive understanding of wealth.

Improves customer experience and insights into wealth composition

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Operational Services

Our dedicated team possesses extensive expertise in asset management, brokerage, and fund management operations. With years of experience, we are well-equipped to handle these crucial responsibilities, allowing your business to thrive.

Saving valuable time and costs by increasing efficiency and streamlining operations.

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